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I am Helen, a 36-year-old woman who lives in Koivukylä, Vantaa. I work as an assistant to a member (Antti Häkkänen) of the Finnish Parliament. Previously I have been an assistant also to MP, Mrs. Sari Sarkomaa and MP, Mr. Heikki Vestman.

As a person I am an extrovert, co-operative, and ambitious woman with a good sense of humor. I have done voluntary work in different organizations, but also worked for example as a saleswoman in a clothing store. I have experience from different positions in the field of politics. I am, for example, a vice member of the city council of Vantaa. 

I did my master´s thesis in biosciences. My major was genetics and I did research for my thesis in a group that studies neuronal developement in the midbrain.

All the work I have done in my life has taught me the ability to work effectively under pressure and hurry. I am also used to working with very different kinds of people. I am a great team player.

In politics and in everything I do, my sources of motivation are very much alike. I want to listen, learn and make things better. It truly inspires me if I can help other people and affect positively a person´s life.

In my free time, I love spending time with my 7-year-old daughter and in a wide range of organizational activities. For example, I am the chairperson of the local association MLL Korso-Koivukylä ry, of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL). Our association is one of the biggest local associations in Finland.

Why is voting important?

You can really influence the decisions on issues that affect everyday life in Vantaa. These issues include for example health care, child day care, libraries, school meals, local traffic, elderly care - and so many other things. Who can vote etc. – questions are answered in

"Helen was my assistant in the parliament for many years. She is a smart team player and gets things done. She has the sense and sensibility - "head and heart" that are needed in the municipal politics."
- Sari Sarkomaa
Member of the Finnish parliament 

Some of my main goals:
  • I want our city to be ideal for different kinds of families, singles and the elderly. If one needs help in various challenges of life,  help should be available early enough. 
  • We need day care and schools where children and employees are happy and healthy: Many children and teachers are suffering from the bad indoor air quality. In day care, we really need enough people to take care of the smaller kids. It is important to remember that one person has only two hands. A wise city takes care of the smallest ones. High-quality day care and education deserves defenders.
  • The number of older people in our city continues to grow. It is therefore absolutely necessary to make sure that caring for the elderly is in good shape now and in the future.
  • Organizations and associations have a big role locally and in a wider scale in promoting well-being, a better everyday life, and a sense of being a member of this community. Let's take care that town volunteers have possibilities and places to act.
  • It should be easy and tempting to live and work in Vantaa. Let´s treat city´s residents and employees well - and let's offer help when help is needed. Burnout, for example at home with a little baby, at school or workplace because of bullying, or at work because of huge stress due to staff shortage - does not benefit anyone. Nobody deserves to be left alone – let´s help each other, and the city needs to take care of us too.
  • Traveling both in and from the city should be easy – good public transport is important. My family can manage without a car, but sometimes it is annoying when traveling by bus is much more difficult than by car. Also traveling by car should not be thought to be "wrong" - it is important vehicle and should not be done more difficult and expensive as it now is.
  • Local people's thoughts need to be listened to more carefully, for example when the city wants to revamp the area one lives in. And it is important that the city informs the residents better - Vantaa's communication needs to be improved.

If you have any questions, please call/text:
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